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National Student Accommodation and Commuting Survey 2024
Research aimed at gathering evidence on student rental and commuting norms in Ireland in 2024.

No data, no problem?

This seems to be the attitude of decision makers when the question of student accommodation is put on the table. It is crucial for us to document our experience with finding accommodation as students, how we find different types of accommodation, and how we find different services we rely on to get our education, like public transport.

We want the direction of our campaigning to be your experience, what you find is going well, and what you would like not to happen to someone else.

We are working to make available affordable and suitable options for students and to put that at the top of the priority list for decision-makers.

Your input will not go to waste, and the more students that fill out this survey, the more representative it is. Fill it out, share it, and let us make the case on your behalf.

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